Danielle Rosati is a New York-based yoga instructor and health coach. Her love affair with yoga and healthy living began nine years ago in Southern California. Soon after receiving her formal training, Danielle met her current Katonah Yoga mentors Nevine Michaan and Abbie Galvin in her hometown in Westchester, New York. Drawing on Taoist principles, Katonah Yoga stresses aligning the body geometrically so that energy can flow freely through it. Danielle has helped usher the teachings and tenets of Katonah Yoga to several teachers, including the internationally renowned yoga instructor, Elena Brower, who calls Danielle “one of her favorite teachers."

Using physical awareness to connect the body to the unconscious mind, Danielle uses a hands-on approach to help students bring awareness to alignment, spaciousness, and fluidity. With Danielle, you practice in a spirited and welcoming atmosphere.

In New York City, Danielle has a vigorous yoga practice, teaching at The Studio, SKY TING and ABC Home’s Deepak HomeBase. She also maintains a bevy of private clients.